WELCOME      " Ohio Rides Join Us For The Journey "
President of GWRRA
Anita & JR Alkira

Ohio District Directors
Roy & Becky Jones

Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge

Chapter V Team
Ohio District Educators
Bill & Pat Stiles

Chapter Director
Dennis & Cathy Carpenter
PH. 419-929-8385
E-Mail firewing54@yahoo.com​

Asst. Chapter Directors:  

Chapter Educator: 
Wayne & Debra Wolf
Ph. 419-6512954
E-mail debrawolf1358@gmail.com

Chapter Treasurer: 
Guy Kirkpatrick 
Ph. 419-281-2651
E-mail guyjan@zoominternet.net

Couple Of the Year:
​Larry Oberholtzer
Ph. 419-289-1715
E-mail ​Laryo@zoominternet.net

Chapter Webmaster: 
Tony & Joyce Miller
Ph. 440-382-7092
E-Mail  miller.tonywv@gmail.com

Membership Coordinators:

Ride Coordinators:
Wayne & Debra Wolf
Ph. 419-6512954
E-mail debrawolf1358@gmail.com

Motorist Awareness: 
Larry & Norma Franks
Ph. 419-368-3371
E-mail l_nfranks@hotmail.com

Newsletter Editor: 
Larry Oberholtzer
Ph. 419-289-1715
E-mail  ​Laryo@zoominternet.net

Phone Tree Coordinator: 
Bob & Holly Taylor
Ph. 419-685-0392 

Goody Table Coordinators:
John & Julie Hochstetler

DUH  Award Coordinator : 
Bonnie Oberholtzer
Ph. 419-289-1715
E-Mail    Laryo@zoominternet.net

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****  Our gathering starts at 5:30 on the 4th Saturday of each month at The Mill Restaurant     
****  inside Buehlers Grocery on U.S.250 East. Halfway between Ashland and Interstate 71.