Chapter V
Mohican Valley Wings

Gathering fourth Saturday of each month at The Mill Restaurant inside Buehlers 
Grocery on U.S.250 East. Halfway between Ashland and Interstate 71.

Our Chapter is called Mohican Valley Wings, Chapter V, because of our location 
in Ashland County, near Mohican State Park.

Our first meeting was held January 12, 1987, at Perkins Restaurant, St.Rt. 250 
E., Ashland, Ohio. There were 64 attending of which 56 became charter 
members. Over the years we have grown with a succession of AR's/CD's

Date                                  AR's                                           Asst. AR's
Jan. 1987-Sept. 1988 David & Sandy Baxter               Larry & Bonnie Oberholtzer
Sept. 1988- Dec. 1990 Larry & Bonnie Oberholtzer       Bob & Sue Bell
Jan. 1991- April 1993 Bob & Sue Bell                    Tom Mitchell & Dorthy Rhodes
April 1993- Sept. 1994 Tom Mitchell & Dorthy Rhodes    Larry & Cathy Viers
                                        CD's                                            ACD's
Sept. 1994-May 1996 Larry & Cathy Viers                   David & Grace Martin
May 1996-June 1999 David & Grace Martin                Carl & Marge Crider
July 1999- Jan. 2002 Carl & Marge Crider                  Guy & Janice Kirkpatrick
Jan. 2002- Jan. 2005 Guy & Janice Kirkpatrick            Norm & Joann Lake
Jan. 2005- Dec. 2007 Norm & Joann Lake                 Wayne & Debra Wolf
Jan. 2008- Aug 2010 Wayne & Debra Wolf                 Dennis & Cathy Carpenter 
Aug 2010 - Dec.2014 Dennis & Cathy Carpenter          Jim & Donna Lust 
Jan 2015 - Dec 2017 Jim & Donna Lust                      Wayne & Debra Wolf 
Jan 2017 -                Wayne & Debra Wolf                 Dennis & Cathy Carpenter

Former AR's Larry & Bonnie Oberholtzer went on to serve on the State Staff as State Recruiters in 1991 and 1992, and served as assistant District Directors from 1993 to 1995. Chapter V hosted the Buckeye Rally in July 1989 & 1990 and June 2005 & 2006, as well as Region D Rally in September 1995.

We are proud of our members who have represented Chapter V and participated in the Couple of the Year. In 2001 Jim & Donna Lust became the District Couple of the year and went on to serve on the State Staff as Asst. Rider Education form 2002 -2004 and Asst. District Directors form 2004 -2008

1988 Ray & Jean Hall                                  1989 Bob & Sue Bell
1990 Bob & Alice McDonald                         1991 Fred & Cathy Wade
1992 Tom & Carol Beck                              1993 Norm & Joann Lake
1994 Don & Jan Seabold                             1995 John & Sheila Pifer
1996 Scott & Deb Penhorwood                    2000 Jim & Donna Lust
2001 Clint & Harrisleen Williams                2002 Wayne & Debra Wolf
2003 Wayne & Debra Wolf                         2004 Carl & Marge Crider
2005 Gary & Janice Carr                            2006 Larry & Norma Franks
2007 John & Julie Hochstetler                    2008 Dave & Kathy Stillion
2009 Guy & Janice Kirkpatrick                    2010 Robert & Reda Stinemetz
2011 Roy & Janet Viall​                               2012 Tony & Joyce Miller
2013 Dave & Verna Starcher                       2014 Larry & Bonnie Oberholtzer
2015 Lawrence & Vera Swineford               2016 Dave & Dolores Swineford
2017 Bob & Holly Taylor

Over the years we have held charity poker runs, auctions, garage and bake sales and special events donating the proceeds to many local Charities including Hospice, Dale-Roy School, Cancer Society, Samaritan Hospital, Council on Aging, bench at Myers Bandshell, Make a Wish Foundation and Others. We also visited and caroled to local Rest Homes. Each Christmas we donate food to Associated Charities or help the Animal Shelter with needed items. Each year we have a Teddy Bear Ride, taking stuffed toys to 
Samaritan Hospital and Cleveland Clinic. We have bike shows to show off our motorcycles and project a good image for GWRRA.

The Singing Wings of Chapter V started in 1989 and was the first Chapter Choir in GWRRA and was features in the Wing World magazine. They sang at many GWRRA functions as well as for local groups.

Official Motto; January, 1987 "Mohican Valley Wings"

Official Colors; !987 Red shirts with Chapter patch on, Black vest with GWRRA patch on and black pants. In 2008 we added white shirts and tan pants.

Official Patch; August 1987, a four inch patch encircled in a red with gold wings in the middle, with Chapter, Mohican Valley Wings on the wings and a red motorcycle and Ashland, Ohio under the wings. A grey circle behind that.

Official Banner; August 1987 (by Marilyn Lint)

Official Antenna Flag; (by Marilyn Lint)


Chapter Mascot

  The Mill Restaurant inside Buehlers